About Us


We are a team of educators and developers and our goal as a company is to improve the experiences of students, teachers, and parents/guardians in academics alike. We strive to create a more well-formed academic structure that will help increase student performance.

We believe that we should not shy away from technology, but instead cease the opportunity and grow accustom to this rapid growing tech-culture we live in today.

As technology becomes more prominent in our culture, it is imperative that we create platforms such as this one to tighten the gap of miscommunication and increase the performance of students.

Over the years, we have found that homework completion rate is not where it needs to be- some reasons include,

• Students grow forgetful of their assignments and never wrote it down
• Students don’t have an easy way of searching for all their homework
• Parents/Guardians are unaware of assigned tasks and have no easy way of checking up on their kid

Although we cannot address some of these issues at hand, we can certainly tighten the gap of miscommunication with parents by creating a platform that is easy for everyone to use.

Join us today as we continue to grow and improve our platform by providing a service that allows students and their parents/guardians see what and when homework is due.